Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning installation services, Cleveland, Ohio

American Standard Silver Series available from Gallo Heating and Cooling

When it is time to install new cooling equipment or replace your existing equipment, Gallo Heating and Cooling is your main resource to help you match your comfort needs with the best air conditioning options available. If you live in ~,~, we can replace your existing air conditioner, typically within one day.

The typical U.S. homeowner spends about $2,200 annually on energy costs associated with heating and cooling. It is important that your new air conditioner is properly sized for your home, along with your comfort and energy needs. Gallo Heating and Cooling will conduct load calculations of your home to measure the space you would like to have cooled and match it with the appropriate type of equipment.

Along with the load calculation, Gallo Heating and Cooling will discuss the level of energy efficiency at which you would like your cooling equipment to perform. Technicians will also measure your home’s level of insulation, the condition of your duct work and other components of your existing equipment. Gallo Heating and Cooling offers a variety of cooling equipment to fit any budget, comfort and energy needs.

Replacing Your Air Conditioning

There are a few factors to consider before you replace your existing air conditioning equipment:

  • Decreased efficiency
  • Number of repairs during cooling season
  • Cost of repairs
  • Age of equipment is over 10 years old

    Air conditioning installation, Cleveland Ohio

    Air conditioning installation for your Cleveland, Ohio home.

If you are concerned about any of these issues impacting your existing system, it may be time for a replacement unit. Our technicians can help diagnose if it is time to replace your equipment with a new, higher efficiency system. Gallo Heating and Cooling will help you select the model most suitable for your comfort and energy needs. A load calculation will be completed to ensure the correct sized model is installed in your home.

Gallo Heating and Cooling technicians will remove your old air conditioner and any of its components that are not compatible with your new system. We pride ourselves on exceeding our customer’s comfort expectation and are able to provide full-service air conditioning installation and replacement for your ~,~ home.