Heating replacement, installation, service and repair for Cleveland, Ohio

Gallo Heating and Cooling provides comprehensive heating services including installation, maintenance and replacement for homes in Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga County, Ohio.

Heating a home in ~, ~ can be very costly, even during milder winters. It is important to have regular maintenance done on your furnace and ensure you are operating at the maximum efficiency possible and not wasting your money on operating costs or emergency failures that could have been avoided.

Heating Installation

Installing a new heating system is a major home improvement investment and there are a number of factors that should be considered before making a final purchase. Having a correctly sized unit is important to ensure you are getting the most comfort and minimizing energy costs. Our technicians will conduct a heat load calculation of your home to determine the proper size that will work best for your home and its size, insulation and ventilation.

When it is time to install new equipment or replace your existing equipment, Gallo Heating and Cooling is your main resource on the best gas furnace, boiler, heat pump or other system option for your home. Click here to read more on heating installation. 

Heating Service

If a problem develops with your furnace or other heating equipment, you could be faced with a no heat situation at the worst possible time during the cold season. Click here for more information on heating service.