Multiple Thermostat Zoning

Multiple thermostat zoning systemsIf your home in Ann Arbor, MI experiences too hot or too cold spaces, a multiple thermostat zoning system is your comfort solution. With the invention of the thermostat so began the tradition of homeowner dissatisfaction with their home’s heating and air conditioning systems. Consider your lighting system. You have multiple switches throughout your home to turn off and on lights in rooms that are occupied. Why don’t you have the same multi-point control for the biggest user of energy in your home?

Gallo Heating and Cooling can install a zoning system and give you the ability to transform your existing heating and air conditioning into a personalized comfort system without expensive equipment upgrades or costly and messy reconstruction.

Only by using multiple thermostats can achieve the complete comfort control you and your family desire. Zoning creates areas or “distinct comfort zones” which all have their own, individual thermostat. If you have four zones, you have four thermostats.

With zoning, you select the rooms that need more customized control like a finished basement, bonus room or second floor. The thermostat will then alert your system to serve only the area needing heating or cooling to eliminate the over-conditioning of one zone of your home to make another comfortable. Other areas of the home are able to remain at the same temperature while the calling zone is receiving the conditioning it needs.

Is Zoning Right for You? 

A multiple thermosat zoning system for your heating and air conditioning system may be the comfort and energy solution for your  Ann Arbor, MI home if:

  • You have too hot or too cold spaces
  • You have a multi-level home
  • You have a hard to condition bonus room
  • You have a finished basement
  • You have an addition onto your home’s original floorplan
  • You have areas with large glass exposure
  • You have high ceilings in certain areas of your home
  • Your run portable heaters or fans to be comfortable
  • You use blankets in certain areas during the summer
  • You open windows or use fans in certain areas during the winter
  • You are constantly opening and closing registers to achieve comfort
  • You have rooms that are rarely used
  • You argue with your family members about the temperature of the thermostat
  • Your furnace or air conditioning run constantly but never achieve the desired comfort
  • You have family members with special temperature needs-babies, elderly, or those with certain health problems.

Typically, Gallo Heating and Cooling technicians can install a zoning system within a day or two. Call today for a comfort analysis and find out how you can customize your heating and cooling system with multiple thermostat zoning.

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